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Featured Products

Abstract Oil Paintings

Colour and Shapes Come Together with No Hesitation. As a result of the freedom abstract art brings, many contemporary artists are drawn to create non-representational works, and abstract canvas paintings are perpetually in demand by collectors and art lovers around the globe.  Browse the works below for just a sampling of the many abstract artworks for sale on Bella Decor by some of the most promising artists working today.


Reproductions of original artwork have been printed on canvas. After the image is printed, the canvas is trimmed to size and glued, or stapled to traditional stretched bar, or a wooden panel and displayed in a frame

Our Canvas Prints are chosen by professional interior designers

Prints on Canvas

Carved Panels

Panels ornately hand-carved embodies your passion for high-end style, art, and glamour. This magnificent piece shows off a variety of features that are fit for integrity and royalty – making it an ideal addition to your foyer, living room or bedroom. These carved panels will charm your guests with a breath-taking bevelled centre piece of your house within an exquisitely detailed frame carved on wood.

photo 3-8-20, 10 39 06 pm.png

Crafted from metal, the colourful geometric pieces with detailed designing to create a tiered look for an artful and conversation-sparking display. Add this piece of art in your adobe as a focal point to a classic painting print. Carefully crafted art when displayed on an eclectic gallery wall in your foyer helps to greet guests with you. These art pieces also add personal and long lasting touch to your living room or dinning space.

Metal Art

Bella Boxes

Bella boxes is collection of modern and trending shadow boxes. Shadow boxes have a strong tradition in military history, they are created purely for artistic goals.Shadow boxes are built as a way of preserving and presenting artefacts of personal and historic nostalgic value.

New Arrivals