Carved Panel

Bella Decor's carved panels are 3D symmetrical wall sculpture with detailed designing to create an ambience. Our ornately hand-carved art pieces are carefully crafted from MDF wood either natural or with paint finish. These gorgeous artwork therefore evoke calm and beauty in your home, creating that perfect space to reconnect with yourself.  Add this stunning art in your adobe as a focal point to brighten and light-up your home. Carefully crafted art when displayed on an eclectic gallery wall in your foyer helps to greet guests with you. These art pieces also add personal and long lasting touch to your living room or dinning space. If you’re looking for wall decor and art pieces, call us now for our Art Advisory service and work one-on-one with an expert art curator to find the perfect art piece for you.

All Bella Decor artwork are packaged and ready to hang easily on strategically placed hook or nail