Payment Methods

Online Payment Option:

At Bella decor our top priority is to give safe, simple and easy payment option to our users. To help achieve this, PayPal as online payment method as it is the safest for the buyer, easy to use and offer strong protections against fraud hence make your customers more comfortable.



In-Store Payment Options:

As Bella Decor in-store payment options we accept all the major debit and credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express. 


Frequently Asked Questions


I often have buyers pick up items from my store. Can they pay in cash?

Yes, payment in cash option is available in-store along with the bank transfers for online orders.

Do I need to have PayPal account to choose payment method as PayPal?

Yes, buyer need to have active PayPal account to make online payments. Bella Decor also can accept methods such as bank-to-bank transfer or bank checks.

Can I pay cash on Delivery?

No, as delivery will be done by third party so payments on delivery not acceptable. Item should be paid in full before leaving the warehouse.

How can I pre-order for any item?

Any piece of art could be pre-ordered by paying just 30% of  its price. Once pre-ordered that item will be taken off from the inventory to make sure no-one else could buy that item.